Hawaii Packages

Plan your honeymoon in Hawaii with Rainbow Travel Inc. 

The Big Island Tour

The Big Island has it all: fiery volcanoes and sparkling waterfalls, black-lava deserts and snowcapped mountain peaks, tropical rainforests and alpine meadows, a glacial lake and miles of golden, black, and even green-sand beaches. The Big Island has an unmatched diversity of terrain and climate. A 50-mile drive will take you from snowy winter to sultry summer, passing through spring or fall along the way. The island looks like the inside of a barbecue pit on one side, and a lush jungle on the other.

Oahu Tour

You can have all kinds of memorable experiences on Oahu. Imagine yourself hovering weightless over a rainbowed sea of tropical fish or sitting in a kayak watching the brilliant colors of dawn etch themselves across the sky.  Dream of sipping a mai tai while you take in sweeping views of the south shore and the Waianae Mountains, after battling a magnificent game fish on a high-tech sportfishing boat or simply listen to melodic voices chant the stories of a proud people and a proud culture that was overthrown little more than a century ago.  Oahu is home to the state capitol, and Waikiki Beach the heart of Honolulu.  A visit to Oahu can include stops at Pearl Harbor, a hike up to the top of Diamond Head or a trip to the North Shore to catch some of the islands famed waves.

Kauai Tour 

On any list of the world’s most spectacular islands, Kauai ranks right up there with Bora Bora, Huahine, and Rarotonga, you don’t just go to Kauai, you absorb it with every sense. Kauai may get more than its fair share of tropical downpours, but that’s what makes it so lush and green, and creates an abundance of rainbows.

Maui Tour 

Maui is the only island in the Hawaiian chain named after a god — well, actually a demigod (half man, half god). Hawaiian legends are filled with the escapades of Maui, who had a reputation as a trickster. In one story Maui is credited with causing the birth of the Hawaiian Islands when he threw his “magic” fishhook down to the ocean floor and pulled the islands up from the bottom of the sea. Another legend tells how Maui lassoed the sun to make it travel more slowly across the sky — so that his mother could more easily dry her clothes. Maui’s status as the only island to carry the name of a deity seems fitting, considering its reputation as the perfect tropical paradise, or as Hawaiians say, Maui no ka oi meaning “Maui is the best”.